Lash Game Liquid Liner


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Lash Game Liquid Liner



If you’re looking for the perfect eyeliner that won’t ruin your eyelash extensions, this is for you! Specially manufactured by LASHGAME this product will not damage your lash extensions or clump them no matter how much you use it! It’s also just as equally fantastic with your natural lashes too! It’s the perfect tool for the eye for a delicate enhancement, or you can just as easily create the most dramatic look!

Why you will love it :  


  • Lash extension friendly : Will not damage the eyelash extensions no matter how many times you use it.
  • The most PERFECT lines : This is ideal for those who want the blackest-black, perfect every time line!
  • Washes off easy : All you need to do is use a cotton pad (lint free) or cotton tip with some warm water and make up remover and it comes right off.
  • No Fade / Flake or Smudge : Will stay on all day until you wash it off and dries really quickly once applied.
    • Easy to remove at night : No battling to remove the liner and damaging your lashes in the process, really easy to remove!


What it is formulated without : 

  • Parabens
  • Sulfates
  • Phthalates


How to apply :

  • Rest your elbow on a table / surface as you apply the liner to keep your arm and hand steady.
    • Place felt tip as close to the lash line as possible for perfectly defined eyes.


    • When applying, use very light pressure, for fine exact lines – perfect for creating sharp, cat-eye wings.


    • Add more pressure to create a thicker, bolder eyeliner look.


    • The formula is also great for layering, so you can keep drawing over your lines until you achieve liner perfection.


  • Always close the cap tightly to preserve the product’s life and long wear.


  Tips and tricks : 

    • For a winged eyeliner look, begin by dotting along the lash line to map out the direction of the liner. First draw the tail end, creating a line that extends from the lash line outward. Then draw a straight line starting at the centre of the lid and connecting to the tale line. Line the lash line from the center of the lid toward the inner corner. Finish by filling in your outline to complete the look.


    • If you’re doing a full eye make up look including both liner and shadow, always apply eyeshadow first. It creates a dry base for the liner to adhere to and also gives it a longer lasting effect.


    • For an easy cat eye, flick eyeliner upward at the outer corner of the eye.


  • When lining the upper lid, use one finger from the opposite hand to lift the eye slightly to hold the skin taut.
    • If eyeliner goes astray during application, use your regular concealer to clean it up and blend it into the rest of your makeup.


    • Make good use of cotton tips. They’re extremely helpful for thinning out wings and lines so you can fine tune without having to start over.


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